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A Better Choice for 40 Years


HAIR CUTTING is still the major activity carried on in the barber-styling shop. However, it has grown into a much more sophisticated and artistic endeavor. The modern barber-stylist is not simply attempting to shorten the hair, but to shape it in such a way that it will be easy to style in a manner most attractive to the facial features of his customer. In your training program, you will learn to employ special tools such as styling dryers, used in creating stylish effects.


TRADITIONAL services include: haircuts, styles, permanent waving, haircolor, shaves, facial treatment, trimming and styling mustaches and beards, shampooing and scalp massage.

Growing in Importance

Hair coloring and hair design is growing in importance. These services are high-income services that have greatly expanded the professional barber-sylist’s earning power.

It's An Open Field

IT’S AN OPEN FIELD for men and women who are looking to enter an occupation which allows them freedom of self-expression, an artistic sense and flexible hours at higher than average wages.